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What Are Quick Logic Puzzles?

Each Quick Logic Puzzle challenges your powers of deduction -- and sharpens them, as well. With Quick Logic Puzzles you exercise your mind by trying to determine the hidden code. You use the clues provided (Hits and Misplaced) in order to deduce the correct sequence of numbers (or letters) in the code. In short, you are a code breaker puzzling though the hints to arrive at the secret number.

"H" refers to hits, or the number of correct numbers in their correct place in the code. "M" indicates misplaced, or the number of correct numbers not in their correct spot. Hits take priority in the clues. For example, if the code is "0 3 3 0", then the guess "3 2 4 0" would yield these clues: H: 1 (for the hidden code's last "0"), M: 1 (for one of the two "3s" in the code).

To solve the 4R6 puzzle displayed to the left, select numbers from a range of six possibilities (0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5); numbers may be repeated in the code or guess.

Whether you like puzzling logic or maybe even logic puzzling, these puzzles offer an entertaining way to take a break or spend a few minutes. And your mind gets a beneficial work-out, too, by tackling the challenge of these mind-bending games.

The Mission of QuickLogicPuzzles.com
The purpose of QuickLogicPuzzles.com is to provide printable puzzles that you can take with you on the go and then solve . . . while waiting for your next appointment, while commuting to and from work, while . . . anytime you want to make the most of a break in your busy schedule.

For the latest set of Quick Logic Puzzles please visit this site twice a month. Click on the Latest link to find the most recent puzzle, and then choose Print from your Browser's File menu. Each puzzle set is formatted to fit on 8.5" x 11" paper. For those sets that you may have missed, visit the All Puzzles Page where the previous ones are stored.

Solutions as well as Hints are also available for each Quick Logic Puzzle. The Logic Page demonstrates how these puzzles can be solved.

If you have an interest in using Quick Logic Puzzles for electronic or print media, perhaps even for syndication, please visit my Customized Puzzles page, where I showcase the commercial version of the puzzles. And visit the Portfolio Page for samples.

About Quick Logic Puzzles: A Personal Note
I began working on these puzzles when I sought a bit of mental relaxation after the rigors of teaching. I discovered that my fatigue after a day of teaching philosophy and political science did not always extend to my deductive-reasoning faculties. I have found that making the puzzles for this site refreshes me mentally.

Students also find such logic-style puzzles interesting. When using similar puzzles in a college environment I watched the intensity with which students worked through them. Some students even liked to make a competition of puzzle-solving by trying to find the correct answer in the fewest number of guesses.

Enjoy ... and happy logic puzzling.

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